Monday, April 21, 2008

Articles by Harvey Jerome Brudner

  • "Thomas-Fermi Technique for Determining Wave Functions for Alkali Atoms with Excited Valence Electrons." (1960). Physical Review 120 (6): 2053-2063. “A technique has been developed for the calculation of excited state, one-electron wave functions based on the Thomas-Fermi statistical theory of the atom.”
  • Computer-Managed Instruction; Science; November 29, 1968: 970-976
  • (1971) Algebra and Trigonometry: A Programmed Course with Applications. New York Institute of Technology and McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0070463816.
  • "The Past, Present And Future Of Technology In Higher Education" (1977). The Journal of Technological Horizons in Education.
  • Elesvier Seqouia, S.A., Lausanne, Switzerland. "The Symmetry of Powered Whole Numbers." Vol. 4, No. 3, 1981
  • (1994) Fermat and the Missing Numbers. ISBN 0964478501.
  • "How the Babylonians Solved Numbered Triangle Problems 3,600 Years Ago", Technological Horizons In Education, 1998. Retrieved on April 14, 2008. "A classic mystery locked in a 3,600-year-old Babylonian clay tablet has been solved! How did the Babylonians know the Pythagorean theorem a thousand years before the Greek mathematician and philosopher was born? For those who have forgotten their geometry, the Pythagorean theorem states: 'The square of the hypotenuse of a right-angle triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the two ...'"
  • Home News Tribune; May 29, 2006; Poet Honored War Dead Before Own Death in World War I.
  • Home News Tribune; July 30, 2006; Joyce Kilmer Legacy: A Famous Poem and a Question Never to be Answered.
  • The Daily Targum; February 5, 2007; Two Even Numbers Can Produce Pythagorean Triples.
  • The Daily Targum; September 4, 2007; The Babylonian Approach is Easier.
  • The Daily Targum; November 28, 2007; Why 4,961 6,480 & 8,161?
  • "Historical Society committed to preserving Kilmer birthplace", Home News Tribune, April 14, 2008. Retrieved on April 14, 2008. "On March 20, the Home News Tribune provided the architectural rendering of the proposed New Brunswick Pinnacle Complex. The plan indicated that two of the sides of this pentagon-shaped complex included Joyce Kilmer North Avenue and Joyce Kilmer Avenue."

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